Rehabilitation of the Tigray Region

SINCE 1989




New Schools


Health Centres


Acres of Farm Land


Tigray Development Association (UK) was established in 1989 by Tigrayans living in the UK with the aim of contributing to the rehabilitation of Tigray region and raising awareness among the British public concerning issues of the region’s developmental endeavours. TDA UK is an indigenous non-governmental charitable organisation that takes an active role in all aspects of the region’s developmental endeavours, with its members and supporters has been actively engaged in assisting the development efforts of the people of Tigray.


TDA UK has supported the construction of schools and clinics, the supply of water tankers, vocational and skills training credit provision for women training. TDA UK has also
co-ordinated the supply of essential books, hospital beds, medical equipment and computers for schools.

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Why Help Tigray?

TDA UK is established to relieve poverty and to advance education in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. TDA-UK is a charitable Association, and is a member of TDA International, a charity registered in Ethiopia. It is also the sole beneficial owner of property situated at and known as TDA House, 211 Clapham Road, London SW9 OQH, (‘the property’) the registered proprietors being the Holding Trustees as defined at Clause 4(c)(6) herein who hold the property on Trust for TDA UK.


The management committee is elected by TDA UK members, and act as Trustees of TDA UK. The Trustees have an overall responsibility for governance and management of the charity, and undergo constant training and development to ensure that trustees have adequate skills to manage the organisation effectively and representative of the communities they serve. The Trustees run TDA UK with the assistance of volunteers. TDA UK has over 500 subscriptions paying members who elect a management committee from amongst members.